Himalaya protein hair cream review

asked by Luella on 3 August 2019
I want advice on himalaya protein hair cream... Read More
1 reply  -  Hairs

Premature white hairs

asked by Nalu on 22 August 2017
sir my daughter 11 years old she is getting premature white hairs it is increasing on bore head... Read More

Male Pattern Baldness Problem and Premature Graying Hair problem

asked by Golu1 on 17 March 2017
Age- 29 Gender- Male Marital status- Unmarried Family Medical History-- No Baldness Problem... Read More

White hair/dandraff

asked by sinchu on 21 August 2014
Hi Guruji, I am 26 years old girl,i have so many gray hairs,so much dandruff are,am scared,if i... Read More

Castor oil

asked by donna1 on 23 September 2013
Hi I was told that applying castor oil Would enhance eyebrow growth.just wanted a confirmation... Read More

DHT and Male Baldness

asked by Preetiverma on 14 August 2013
Hello Doc., I would like to know what is DHT and how it plays important role in male baldness.... Read More

Hair problem

asked by avanika on 11 August 2013
i m 19 yrs oldgirl having excessive dandruff and itching on scalp and hair fall now i m taking... Read More
1 reply  -  Hairs, Hair

White beared

asked by chetsandhans on 25 July 2013
Hello sir name sanjay Makwana Age 29 years gender male I have complaint that my beared 50%... Read More

White hairs on Head and Beard

asked by Anaconda on 22 May 2013
Sir, I am 22 years of old and my beard and head hairs are white. I am suffering from this... Read More

My hair is geting white

asked by anu baby on 12 May 2013
Hai iam 31 old men my present complainint is hair is going to was started when i was... Read More

Excessive hairs over my body

asked by Kap on 23 February 2013
Hii i am 21 years old boy . i have dark thick hairs all over my body like on my shoulders , on... Read More

Unwanted hairs in cleavage

asked by khush on 1 August 2012
Namaskar/ Hello i am having unwanted hairs in my cleavage area.The hairs are nearly 2 inches... Read More

Patanjali mehndi

asked by Nirvana seeker on 17 May 2012
I wish to buy some medicinal herbs and herbal supplements, I require information about Patanjali... Read More

Balo ko ghana

asked by Harvey on 13 May 2012
Hello Doctor, a very good morninig to you. As you are expert of medicinal herbs and supplements... Read More

Hairs doesn't grow at all..

asked by geetgosain on 4 May 2012
i am geeta, my age is 27yrs. and my hairs are short..they doesn't grow at all and although... Read More

Baba ramdev mehndi

asked by Alden on 23 April 2012
I wish to buy some medicinal herbs and herbal supplements, I require information about Baba... Read More

Ayurvedic solution for hair problem in hindi

asked by Nitesh sharma on 21 July 2011
Sir, may I request information on ayurvedic solution for hair problem in hindi ?, I am thankful... Read More

Baalo ka jhadna kaise roke yoga se

asked by Manish Nautiyal on 16 July 2011
Hi, Please provide information on baalo ka jhadna kaise roke yoga se ?, I would appreciate your... Read More

Baal kale karne ke ayurvedic upay

asked by Leela Jawed on 2 July 2011
Hello Sir, I require information on baal kale karne ke ayurvedic upay ?, I would be grateful to... Read More

Baal ko kale ghane karne ke upay

asked by Lovely on 28 June 2011
Hi Sir, I need advice on baal ko kale ghane karne ke upay ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More
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