Cow urine for high blood pressure

asked by Rahulsha on 23 September 2018
🙏!! जय श्री कृष्णा !! 🙏 Sir I m rahul shah pure vegetarion33... Read More


asked by Deep@7447 on 22 August 2018
My cholesterol is 215mg/do Triglycerides is 142mg/do HDl 41.80mg/DL LDL 144.80mg/DL Vldl... Read More

High Triglycerides

asked by maniliy07 on 1 August 2018
My Age is 44/ Male , No other surgeries , Married, family : My father has heart problem and... Read More

About character neo tablets

asked by Snigdhakaul on 28 June 2018
I am 45 year old lady. I have perimenausal symptoms like high bp, anxiety, dizziness, weakness.... Read More

Divya Mukta Vati EXTRA Power for Hypertension

asked by AVM on 24 May 2018
Hello, I have been taking Divya Mukta Vati for Hypertension since last 1.5 years. Earlier my... Read More

High blood pressure

asked by a dogra on 21 May 2018
respected doctor, my blood pressure is 150/90.. i have been taking mukta vati since last 3... Read More

High uric acid patients medications.

asked by Doter on 13 March 2018
Hello sir, my father has a high level of uric acid, i.e 9.9 mg/dl. So can he take GODHAN ARK... Read More
1 reply  -  Acid, High, Uric


asked by Annu T on 25 February 2018
Hello sir, I am 31 year, female, married for 4 years and HTC from past one year. In my reports... Read More

Increased uric acid level and kidney stones

asked by Nithin M on 23 February 2018
I'm 25/M, my uric acid level is 8.1. I have also been diagnosed with 3 kidney stones of 6... Read More

Allergic cough ,high ige of 1300

asked by Heena sawant on 13 February 2018
Mera beta hai 5years ka usse char mahine se khasi hai ...n uska ige hai 1300 ..Usse kya pilau... Read More

High cholesterol , please prescribe medicine

asked by AshokK on 21 January 2018
Age 56 years, male, high cholesterol. vldl 78 mg/dl, triglycerides 390 mg/dl Taking medicine... Read More

High triglyceride with acute pancreatic problem

asked by Hardik soni on 9 September 2017
last 7 months my wife have problem in lipid profile her TG 400 to 2500 lvl going and fluctuate... Read More

Aurvedic treatment and medicine to reduce creatine level

asked by Ramkrishna15 on 30 May 2017
Dear, My mother is 60 year old and has blood pressure problems. Her creatine level is... Read More

Lungs veins choked

asked by mukesh vankar on 13 May 2017
My mom is 55 and was diagnosed with 70% lungs damage. She's obn constant O2 support and... Read More

Hoe to control TGL AND fatty liver

asked by simanchal on 2 May 2017
name - simanchal pattnaik age -36 gender - male high tgl and fatty liver problem / still not... Read More

High Aso Titre Joint Pain

asked by iamamnaks on 1 May 2017
Namaste Guru Ji, i have high aso titre (450), RA Factor Negative,Joint pain, heavy sholder and... Read More

Medicine for High Cholesterol

asked by BS15 on 17 April 2017
Age 43 yrs, female, Total Cholesterol 283, HDL- Direct 63, LDL - Direct 180, Triglycerides -... Read More

Diet for high creatinine

asked by asitbaranmodak on 12 April 2017
Sir, my father is now 73, his creatinine levels is 2.7.his sugar normal.my question is what is... Read More

Doctor has prescribed improper medicines in respect to my deases

asked by KALPANA BHATT on 4 April 2017
Sir, it is a matter of great regreat and unexpected that a doctor has prescribed improper... Read More

How to reduce high AMH

asked by soma agg on 9 January 2017
hello, My age is 36, i have a 6 years old son , i'm planning for second... Read More
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