Acidity problem solution

asked by sanjeev1 on 5 September 2018
44,M I am suffering from acidity from last 1 month and due to this all time burning sensation... Read More

Sinusitis headach hyperacidity burping belching

asked by jaihnuman on 20 June 2017
sir i am suffering from hyperacidity beching afrer meal since from 8 YRS also frequently... Read More


asked by ravindrahealth on 19 April 2017
NAME :ravindra kumar AGE :33yrs GENDER :male MARITAL STATUS... Read More

Hyperacidity and fatty liver

asked by nanhabalak on 15 October 2014
Hi, From few months I feel hyperacidity and I also have fatty liver, my problem is that burn... Read More

Hyperacidity problem and solutions in Ayurveda

asked by sekaj on 27 March 2014
My mother is having acidity problem, she gets sour belching in the morning, and there is no... Read More

Hyperacidity & conspitation

asked by vinod.samayal on 17 July 2013
I have left the drinking 4 months back. I have severe problem of acidity in which there is no... Read More


asked by anita chitkara on 25 April 2013
sir,I am 49 yrs old.I was admitted to hospital for chest pain and giddiness.my BP is generally... Read More

Severe pain in stomach vomiting color green, yellow

asked by mahesh007 on 17 October 2012
Dear Sir, My brother is 24 Yrs Old he is having this problem from last two years we are taking... Read More

What is treatment of migrain in ayurvedas

asked by dev340 on 25 March 2012
cousin sister 38 years old is suffering from migrain pain and freqency of attack is almost... Read More

Medicine for lactose intolerance

asked by mira on 11 March 2012
symptoms allergic rhynitis formation of cough,, khansi,skin rashes, constipation ,jointpain very... Read More

Lactose intolerance

asked by mira on 6 March 2012
I have a lactose problem increased after my pan histractomy after lactose intake in form of... Read More

Problem to gas &acidity

asked by ankur s on 6 January 2012
i am suffering from liver & gas problem for two years... Read More

Liver burning problems

asked by patel tejas on 4 January 2012
jay shree krishna i have some time hart burn problems same as hyper acidity liver burning and... Read More


asked by Sukhdev on 23 November 2011
sir i am from suffering from allergy and acidity in the stomach. Please guide me with some yoga... Read More

Vata imbalance?

asked by anandm on 13 October 2011
Male, 50 years. I am confused as to what to order. I have seen allopathic doctors and ayurvedic... Read More

Gastric trouble

asked by amra on 16 September 2011
Pranam Guruji. I am suffering from sever gastric last 6 month . I am 30 years old. I... Read More

Hyperacidity complaint

asked by dhanu on 22 August 2011
Dear doctor, I am suffering from hyperacidity since 3 years and when I consume some medicines it... Read More

Medohar vati and hyperacidity can go together?

asked by sparkle on 30 April 2011
Dear Sir, I have been suffering from pitta disorder for the last 3-4 months. It has been... Read More

Hyperacidity and divya ghritkumari swaras

asked by sparkle on 24 March 2011
Dear Sir, I am suffering from Hyperacidity and started using avipattikar churna two months... Read More


asked by AWADHESH on 8 March 2011
babaji pranam, mere uncle ki age 55 year hai, enke pit ki thaili me 18 mm ka stone hai. 11 sal... Read More
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