Multiple lumps on my scalp, Patanjali Medicines

asked by Shez on 16 May 2020
I am a 38 years old woman..y weight is around 63kgs..I had one lump on my scalp around 10 yrs... Read More

What should i take for breast lump

asked by sanjna on 3 January 2017
namastay guru ji i am 39 year old women. I have a lump in both my breasts. I have done FNAC two... Read More

Fatty lumps

asked by Pursur on 15 February 2015
Hello, I am 43, male. I had 3 lumps for last 4 years on my forearms, 2 of them removed as... Read More

Lump in backside part

asked by mark boyle on 31 October 2014
My age is 24.I have a small lumb(ball) on my back side that is middle of kidney at the end of... Read More
1 reply  -  Lumps

Lumps in my body

asked by ssrawat on 27 August 2014
Sir, I am 32 years old boy. In my body there are lots of lumps. These are mostly in arms... Read More

Gaanth in my body

asked by girishbansal on 2 August 2014
Dear doctor, I have many small lumps/ganth on my hand. Some are very small or too little but... Read More

Lumps in breast

asked by anuanu on 1 April 2013
i am 23 yrs old . i have lumps in my both breasts.doctors said this is nothing to worry about.... Read More

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