Divya Medha Vati

asked by la90024 on 22 September 2014
Does Medha Vati used for only stress and depression. What if I don't have those? I am... Read More

Bramhi Capsules and Medha Vati for children.

asked by charade on 8 April 2013
Hi I have a 10 year old daugter with now mild ADD/ADHD (she is on a healthy natural eating diet... Read More

Divya kwath and medha vati

asked by saku on 6 February 2013
Dear Doctor, I have been taking divya kwath and medha vati for stress related sleep problem for... Read More

Patanjali medicine for Medha vati 40gm

asked by heena123 on 3 January 2013
I just want to know can anybody have this without prescription?because i asked my doctor and... Read More

Divya Medha Vati

asked by jitu1304 on 28 November 2012
Dear Sir,i am 27 year old male.I am a high blood pressure patient and been on alopathy medicine... Read More

Divya vati tablets

asked by sudhirkumar on 20 August 2012
Pranam guruji A small doubt on dosages of tablets, example Divya Medha vati Dosage Adult 2... Read More

How long time to take medha vati

asked by Kimmie on 29 April 2011
I want advice on how long time to take medha vati, I seek your guidance regarding this matter... Read More

Medha vati epilepsy

asked by Amit Gupta on 14 April 2011
I need information on medha vati epilepsy, Kindly give details ASAP and thanks for your... Read More

Divya medha vati dosage for kids

asked by Vanity on 3 March 2011
Please give advice on divya medha vati dosage for... Read More

Divya Medha Vati Benefits

asked by Jolyane on 6 February 2011
What are Divya Medha Vati... Read More

Divya medha vati dosage

asked by Lovely on 4 February 2011
Please provide information on divya medha vati... Read More

Divya medha vati for weight loss reviews

asked by Harvey on 25 January 2011
I require information on divya medha vati for weight loss... Read More

Divya medha vati side effects

asked by Jolyane on 18 January 2011
May I request information on divya medha vati side... Read More

Thyroiditis(Hyperactive) and Medha Vati

asked by joshikrishna on 16 December 2010
Hello, I have Thyroiditis on the hyper side. I have been advised to take Kachnar Guggul. I also... Read More

Auto Immune Liver Diease LKM + Giloy+ Medha Vati

asked by jayantbadiani on 22 November 2010
AUM and Namaskar Dr, Location London, UK Today I had 13 year old boy starting Yog Class. He is... Read More

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