Vocal nodule

asked by Vishu2141 on 21 March 2020
I’m 28 yrs old boy.. i have vocal cord polyp on left vocal for last 3 to 4 years i take... Read More

Thyroid Nodule

asked by Sai_Shiva on 21 April 2017
My mom's age is 55. Sir recently mom was detected with nodule size of 1.7*1.5 cm in... Read More

Vocal Chord nodule

asked by Monomita on 9 November 2015
Namaskar, I am a singer and I have developed a vocal chord nodule. It is better now than I year... Read More

Vocal cord nodule

asked by Yashwanth_P on 4 May 2014
Dear Doctor, I am 36 years old, recently I got paralysis due to soft thrombus. Now clot has... Read More

Thyroid Nodule = treatment to continue..?

asked by asapb on 17 March 2014
I have thyroid nodule for 2 cm size for one year now . with ayurvedic medicine , kachnar guggal... Read More

Regd Thyroid nodule

asked by mmurthy1982 on 25 February 2014
I noticed a lump in my neck. Had done USG / Blood test. USG confirmed that i have a nodule in... Read More

Vocal cord nodule

asked by varunv on 24 June 2013
Hi, I am 26 years old,male,unmarried. Issue-For the past 5-7 years, i am suffering from... Read More

Goitre ,thyriod nodules

asked by bhawna chawla on 14 March 2013
Sir, i am ,31 years old ,suffering from goitre problem . I had a nodule in the neck since 16... Read More

What is the ayurvedic treatment of single thyroid nodule

asked by asapb on 3 January 2013
Age 62 years. Gender Male . Detected by chance growth abt 2 months back a growth ie thyroid... Read More

Suggest treatment for single Thyroid nodule

asked by asapb on 16 December 2012
Age: 62 years Gender male : Recently found single nodule in Thyroid, right upper lobe of the... Read More

How to Reduce Thyroid benign nodule

asked by obl on 13 November 2012
Hi, I am having thyroid benign nodules (two nodules) which measure 4.5 in size. I looked into... Read More

Goitre/nodule in right thyroid lobe

asked by cathyJ on 31 August 2012
Hi there I have a solid nodule in the right lobe of my thyroid. I am generally in good health... Read More

Multiple nodule

asked by viji on 19 December 2011
Last year I had a bad cold. I went to dr for Checkup. He found that I have a problem on... Read More
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Vocal Cord Nodule

asked by shubhada.wadhavkar on 15 May 2011
There is a nodule on my vocal cord since last 4 months. My voice is gone more than 50 %. I am a... Read More


asked by Asha123 on 28 September 2010
I am not thyroid patient, all reports normal , no symptoms. but 4cmsx4cms size of nodule has... Read More

Does kanchar guggul work for the biopsy below?

asked by parwin on 27 June 2010
There are 2 thyroid nodules that were biopsied in the US. the right nodule is 2.1 cm and the... Read More

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