Treatment ocd, ayurvedic medicine, medha vati

asked by Karan chopra on 17 May 2020
Sir my age is 18 I am suffering from ocd from 2 years. I do things repeatedly spit anywhere. I... Read More
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Help Regarding Unwanted sexual thoughts OCD

asked by Nag123 on 22 March 2020
I am having continuous unwanted sexual thoughts since 9 years and my age is 33 now and... Read More
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Ocd and pcod patanjali medicine

asked by Kanchan1 on 15 September 2018
I am 24 year female.I am suffering from both pcod and ocd.I am taking treatment of ocd since 4.5... Read More
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Regarding ocd patanjali medicine

asked by Nfsid on 9 August 2018
Age:22 Gender: female Medication :homeopathic duration 1 month Family medical history: no... Read More
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asked by Guest2 on 8 July 2018
I am 24 years female.I am suffering from obsessive thoughts with extreme fear,depression and... Read More
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OCD curing .help me

asked by Projjwal on 24 April 2018
I have ocd nearly for 12 years.I am male and age is 18.I am suffering from severe chronic ocd.my... Read More
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Severe ocd ayurvedic medicine

asked by Projjwal on 18 April 2018
Sir I have been suffering from ocd for last 12 years.my age is 18.No medicine and therapy is... Read More
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Having OCD for last 9 years

asked by GYN on 16 March 2018
I am a software engineer(female) of age 25 years and suffering from pure O OCD. It has made my... Read More
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O c d and depression

asked by dcd1961 on 5 October 2017
I have been suffering from OCD and depression from last 20 years and I am on allopathic... Read More

Is there any treatment for OCD in patanjali ashram

asked by Karam Sandhu on 19 July 2017
Name - Harpreet Makkar (F) Age - 34 suffering from OCD since the age of 12 when menstruation... Read More

My kid of 10yrs Suffer from ocd

asked by Praneel on 4 January 2017
Sir, my kid age 10yrs suffering from OCD washing hands and not taking food at home. Right know... Read More

OCD - disorder

asked by Meghak on 3 January 2017
My age is 26 yes. Gender - female Complaint OCD since 6 months Status- unmarried Menstrual... Read More
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Regarding mental illness

asked by Yugandhar on 3 January 2017
I have sexual obsessive desorder since childhood,I get afraid of this thoughts , I get obsessive... Read More
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Suffering from OCD since last 4 year

asked by govindsaini on 18 November 2016
I am suffering from OCD since last 4 years. I am taking allopathic treatment but there is no... Read More
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Ayurvedic treatment for OCD

asked by kumarcbeblr on 17 November 2016
i am taking prodep ->fluxonentine tab for OCD i want to go for ayurvedic for OCD... Read More

OCD depression

asked by Sweetsony4 on 21 October 2016
I am 42 years old lady and I am only on Iron tablets due to iron deficiency. I am going through... Read More

OCD, weakness, sex me aruchi

asked by Sonali9900 on 28 July 2016
mera naam sonali singh hai, 27 married working woman hu, mujhe Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder... Read More

OCD - please help me

asked by Kuls on 3 June 2016
i am 32 and bachelor. Since last 4 months, I started suffering from this OCD (obsessive... Read More
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OCD Since 18 years

asked by manojkum_2005 on 13 May 2016
my wife suffering with OCD that is washing mania since last 18 years lot of allopathy medicine... Read More
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OCD Treatment patanjali medicine

asked by Arun Barth on 27 April 2016
Sir I am 32 years old suffering from OCD from last 16 years and taking alopethic medicine but i... Read More
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