Traumatic optic neuropathy

asked by Nithesh7 on 14 September 2018
My father got injury to right eye it caused Blunt Troma closed globe injury traumatic optic... Read More

Vision problem of child

asked by rahul678 on 24 June 2016
sir, My son age 3 years old not able to see properly.he is wearing glasses from last 7... Read More

Optic nerve damage

asked by moha on 21 November 2015
Sir, I am Rohit 21 year old. I have loss Right eye vision in accident before 5 year. My Right... Read More

Regeneration of optic nerve --Glaucoma, Retina detachment

asked by vijendra on 15 April 2015
Age-10 years Gender-male Lost of vision in left eye due to optic nerve damaged by high pressure... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment for optic nerve

asked by tame0001 on 17 March 2014
Hello, My mother is completely blind now. She is 50 years old. She lost her vision about 10... Read More

Traumatic retrobulbar optic neuritis

asked by samdek on 14 December 2013
sir,iam 26 yrs male, i had an accident three months back in which i had head injury with... Read More

Ayurvedic medicines which help to regenerate optic nerve cell damage

asked by girk on 26 September 2013
My husband meet with an accident 1nd half yr back from his bike nd had head injury whr he lost... Read More

Right eye no vision

asked by mahendrajagirdar on 21 October 2012
Dear Dr., My wife lost her right eye vision after chemo treatment. Doctors saying optic... Read More

Optic Nerve Transection ( Damage )

asked by Ray on 14 May 2012
Hi Doctor my name is soumya ray , from India , i am working with accenture , on 29march i meet... Read More

Optic nerve damage

asked by manav123 on 25 March 2012
left optic nerve damaged in RTA at 4 jan 2012, is there any treatment... Read More

Optic nerve damaged/weakened lost eye sight

asked by mantha on 25 August 2011

How to strengthen optic nerves

asked by Jolyane on 13 July 2011
I need information on how to strengthen optic nerves ?, I am thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Optic

Ayurvedic remedy for optic nerve atrophy??

asked by Liama on 7 July 2011
Sir, may I request information on ayurvedic remedy for optic nerve atrophy?? ?, I would... Read More
1 reply  -  Optic

Baba ramdev for optic neuritis

asked by Rimpy on 25 May 2011
I require information on baba ramdev for optic neuritis ?, I would be thankful to... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for optic nerve damage

asked by Destin on 27 March 2011
Would like to have information on ayurvedic treatment for optic nerve... Read More

Issue with visibility from my left eye (partial vision loss) - doctors call Ischemic Optic nuropathy

asked by RakeshKr on 14 February 2011
Hi, 3 weeks back I started observing that vision of my left EYE was getting blurred , subsequent... Read More

Optic nerve damage

asked by arly on 13 November 2010
A friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was given radiation to shrink tumor and the... Read More

Optic Nerve Damage

asked by anupamkakade on 15 February 2010
Dear Sir, My mother's optic nerve(which connects brain and eye) has been damaged and doctor... Read More

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