Oral cancer

asked by polya on 1 March 2018
My sister is suffering from oral cancer.she is 50yrs old.she has already under gone for... Read More

Query for treatment of oral cancer

asked by balbirdeeparayna on 10 August 2017
my mother is 65 yrs old and suffering from left mucosa buccal cancer having 4th A stage.she is... Read More

Oral cancer

asked by Saurav3262 on 2 July 2017
My father aged 55 is suffering from oral cancer on the left side,2 sessions of chemotherapy has... Read More

Can't open my mouth fuli

asked by Sagar Sunar on 27 May 2017
Dear Sir, I am Sagar Sunar and my age is 23 my problem is that I can't open my mouth fully... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for oral cancer

asked by bijal on 23 November 2015
my father is 67 years old he is suffreing from oral cancer he has undergone surgery 6months ago... Read More

Oral deease

asked by fire25 on 4 June 2015
my motuth not opening due to chewing of gutka since 10 years. only two fingure can insert in... Read More
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Regarding thrush on my kids tongue and so he is unable to take proper diet

asked by revu on 4 September 2014
Dear Sir, I have a 5 Year old son, who has got patches white in colour on his toungue since he... Read More

Oral cancer (retromolar trigone)

asked by vivek mumbai on 28 July 2014
After the visit to your impressive website I would like to enquire about the treatment therapy... Read More

Oral licen planus

asked by fatty on 3 June 2013
sir i have oral licen planus . i have tried allopathic creams but i would be more glad to use... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for oral submucosal fibrosis

asked by babulu on 19 May 2013
age 47 gender male can not open mouth to full extent no heriditary disease marital status... Read More

Lichen planus ora

asked by Kanchha on 5 September 2012
Dear sir my wife is 48 and sufring from oral lichen planus since form a year. We been oral... Read More

Oral submucus fibrosis tretment

asked by arvindcharya on 20 July 2012
mouth is lock upto only 2 finger... Read More

Oral cancer

asked by Shudhi on 29 August 2010
My father has oral cancer .... surgery ... radiotherapy and chemo is done ....showed to 2... Read More

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