Patanjali ashwagandharishtha medicine

asked by Vanity on 3 November 2019
Would like to have information on... Read More

Regarding osteoporosis

asked by Berteena on 16 May 2017
My mother is 74 years old and she has osteoporosis. About 4 months back she had kyphoplast... Read More


asked by RKSinha1870 on 9 August 2016
My mother who is 67 years old is suffering from osteoporosis and has been advised by doctor to... Read More


asked by sayed on 29 November 2014
i am 51 years old iam working in saudi arabia in india i am leaving mumbra thane dist. iam... Read More

Want to know about panchakarma treatment

asked by sids on 6 August 2014
age-59,female,osteoporosis & osteoarthritis in the knee age related wear &... Read More

Urethral stricture, osteoporosis

asked by reshu82 on 15 August 2013
HI, I'm 30 yrs old female with 8 yrs old son(C-section). I've a medical history of... Read More


asked by NimeshS on 3 August 2013
dear sir, my age is 22 years.recently i visited a camp for bone problems and found that i am... Read More

Medicine for Osteoporosis as well as Duodenal Ulcer

asked by MohanGarg on 9 May 2013
Respected Doctor, My mother aged 60 years is suffering from osteoporosis since 5 years and has... Read More

Fibroids and Osteoporosis

asked by babydeepu on 1 January 2013
Pranam Swamiji, I am living in US.My age is 47 and Menopause. I recently diagnosis with breast... Read More

ABPA(Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis) treatment

asked by AstroBoy on 9 June 2012
Hi.. . I don't know from how long i am suffering from ABPA. As i have come to know about it... Read More

Asthiposhak tablets

asked by Destin on 8 April 2012
Sir, it seems you are expert in suggesting medicinal herbs and supplements, may I request some... Read More

Osteoporosis in old age

asked by ayurveda_remedies on 3 January 2012
How ayurveda describes Osteoporosis in old... Read More

Patanjali medicines for osteoporosis

asked by Velvet on 30 March 2011
Advice is required on patanjali medicines for... Read More

What is the natural medicine for osteoporosis

asked by herbalfinder on 29 May 2010
what is the natural / herbal medicine for osteoporosis ? How osteoporosis can be cured through... Read More

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