Patanjali Divya Acne and Pimples Ayurvedic Medicines Package

asked by YogaGuru on 8 July 2020
Baba Ramdev Ayurvedic & Herbal medicines for the treatment of Acne & Pimples, which is... Read More

Is Nimb ghanvati safe to use regularly or should be discontinued after 3 months of use?

asked by Vidhi2222 on 12 July 2018
I am a 22 year old girl and I have been using Nimb ghanvati periodically along with Divya Kanti... Read More

Pimple acne darkspot

asked by vaibhavlanghe on 15 May 2018
Hii Name :vaibhav Gender :male Age :20 Skin type :oily I have acne and pimple from 6 to 7 years... Read More

Acidity pimples hair fall

asked by Jsv on 27 July 2017
Hello sir, I am 27 years old and I m facing problems like acidity, hairfall and pimples on my... Read More

Charak miniscar cream

asked by Punz on 21 July 2017
Dear Sir/madam , I want complete description about charak miniscar cream including its... Read More

Pimples and acne

asked by Parysingh on 14 June 2017
I am suffering from pimple disease since 9 years. In starting it was worst. But now it occurs... Read More

Weight and pimple problem

asked by kskk on 6 May 2017
Hi I am 23 yeas old female. I am gaining weight And also nowadays having pimpkes problems and... Read More

Pimples on Nose

asked by Gagandeep Kaur on 27 March 2017
Namaste Swami ji, I am 37 years old women faced the pimples problem in nose. What will i do... Read More

Pimples acne and blackheads problem

asked by divi2502 on 13 March 2017
Hello doctor..i am 24year old woman...from the past 2yrs I have pimple breakouts on my face and... Read More

Face problem

asked by Gitanjali1 on 8 March 2017
Age 27,female, i have combinational skin. My face has red painful pimples on one side whereas... Read More

Skin looks dull and dark

asked by Shubhamyes99 on 31 August 2016
Hello Sir, I am engineering student. I'm a boy and my age is 20 now.. my... Read More

Darkspots on sweet cheek.

asked by Chandrakanta on 10 August 2015
Hello sir. I am a boy of age 17. Sir I have some darkspots and pimples on cheeks and I dont like... Read More

Pimples on my back and face

asked by ammy saini on 24 June 2015
Hii am 18years old am a boy. I have pimples on my entier back and faCe from last 2 months....i... Read More

Skin Problem

asked by Jaideep on 8 May 2015
Aacharya ji Pranam,Mera naam Jaideep hai aur meri age 20 saal hai. Mujhe pichle 4 saal se chehre... Read More

pimples on my face

asked by myselfriyyya1989@yahoo.com on 7 May 2015
30 years old lady .i have pimples on my face n they are red in clour and very painful .sometimes... Read More

Facial hair and pimples

asked by sums on 26 March 2015
i am 23 yrs old female facing problem of pimples and facial hair from last 2 years.my hormonal... Read More

Ayurvedic acne,scaring medicine

asked by hatinder on 23 January 2015
Respected sir/madam.my age is 20 I am suffering from acne from long time due to which permanent... Read More

Acne and Pimples cure in Ayurveda

asked by canaleyeclinic on 8 September 2014
Namaskar baba ji, I am a girl and i am suffering from pimples from last 6 years.i have taken... Read More

A bald patch at middle of head

asked by rekhajain79 on 23 October 2013
Sir, I am 34 years old married lady. In my family there is no history of baldness as such. From... Read More

Pimples, Marks and Milia on face

asked by neeti1304 on 14 September 2013
Hari om, I am 26 yr old female facing issues of pimples specially on my chin and nose, but major... Read More
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