Kidney POLYCYSTIC disease

asked by Tee on 18 July 2017
This is regarding my kidney polysystic disease. I m 8yrs old girl. Doctors say my both kidneys... Read More

Polycystic ovary

asked by moonmoon on 6 July 2016
Pranam Guruji and Doctor I am 41 years old woman.In 2014 dec I did my ultrasound.In my left... Read More

Polycystic Kidney

asked by pks1973 on 25 May 2016
Pranam, I am 42 years old, working in Gulf countries and from India. Recently I felt some low... Read More

Polycystic kidneys

asked by kris on 25 November 2014
my age is 27 yr male. i have polycystic kidneys diseases. frequently urine,premature... Read More

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone)

asked by Jitins on 24 April 2014
Dear Sir, My wife has just got her Anti-Mullerian Hormone test done couple days ago. The test... Read More

Yoga for healthy kidney

asked by Bapi on 20 December 2012
I am suffering from stage-iv kidney failure due to polycystic kidney disease which I inheritated... Read More

Polycystic kidney disease

asked by KABIR_ND on 15 October 2012
Hi Doctor, I am suffering from Polycystic kidney disease. My age is 35 yrs. My Creatinine is... Read More

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

asked by arfaa2 on 15 July 2012
Hi, I am a 20 year old female who lives in London and have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have had... Read More

Polycystic ovarian disease , pelvic inflammatory disese and conception

asked by Shruti saxena on 19 May 2012
I am 29 years old n married for 2.5 years.recently i am diagnosed with PID and PCOD.my weight is... Read More

Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease

asked by sonabani on 19 September 2011
Pranam Baba, I have ADPKD 30yrs old young boy.My blood pressure is normaly 190/95. My ultrasound... Read More

Baba ramdev medicines and yoga for polycystic ovarian syndrome

asked by Leela Jawed on 4 July 2011
Hello Sir, I require information on baba ramdev medicines and yoga for polycystic ovarian... Read More

Infertility due to polycystic ovaries and hydrosalpinx in right tube

asked by sunaina on 16 June 2011
M detected with PCOD in 2001.till then i was taking tablet for my periods evry month. now i am... Read More

Baba ramdev medicine for polycystic

asked by Abner on 3 June 2011
I need information on baba ramdev medicine for polycystic ?, I am thankful to... Read More

Polycystic ovary dissolve prayanam

asked by Vanity on 27 April 2011
Hi, Please provide information on polycystic ovary dissolve prayanam ?, please reply back as... Read More

Polycystic ovarian disease patanjali treatment

asked by Nitesh sharma on 25 April 2011
Hello, I would like to have information on polycystic ovarian disease patanjali treatment ?, I... Read More

Polycystic ovaries and allergy to spices

asked by carol on 19 March 2011
hello sir, my lower abdomen is swollen and hard due to polycystic ovaries.due to this i have... Read More

Polycystic ovary syndrome

asked by shivani893 on 2 January 2011
sir m suffering from irregular mensuration. i consulted an alopathic doctor, n he said that... Read More

Polycystic Kidney Disease

asked by parultidke on 20 November 2010
My father age 56 from Nagpur who is a victim of the "Polycystic Kidney Disease".His... Read More

Dermoid cyst & polycystic overy

asked by pshahi on 20 November 2010
Jai Shrikrishna I am 25 yrs old & have married since 1.5 yrs. I want to concieve now, I was... Read More

Regarding Polycystic overy Disease

asked by vsbhargavi on 31 August 2010
HI Sir, This is Sudha.I m 24 years old.My height is 5.2 and weight is 56.From start of my... Read More
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