Translocation renal cell cancer

asked by virpreet on 1 July 2017
Age:36/Male/Translocation renal cell carcinoma. My husband was having 8 cm cyst on his right... Read More

Renal disfunction

asked by Meds on 11 May 2017
Hello sir, My husband has renal disfunction and he is consuming gokhru khadha. Kindly advise if... Read More

Renal disesases

asked by Rajesh1989 on 9 March 2017
Sir my father of age 60 year old is suffering from diabetes ckd and creatnine level is 3.4 and... Read More

Renal Failure

asked by Nandhan on 20 February 2017
Namaskar, I'm from kerala my age is a renal failure patient and now my creatinine... Read More

Acute kidney disease

asked by amit-abh on 24 December 2016
My age 83. My creatinine now 3.85. Gfr 16 urea to creatinine ratio 2.84. Earlier my creatinine... Read More

Kidney stones, renal problems

asked by murali iyer on 13 November 2016
age- 43, male sir I was operated 7 months back on right kidney for 12 mm stone., today I took... Read More

CKD End Stage Renal Disease

asked by Sunny&9 on 16 September 2016
Dear Sir, My wife aGED 38 yrs is diagnosed with ESRD. Doctor suggest dialysis and further... Read More
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asked by MKCHOMAL on 12 July 2016


asked by Naik Nagraj on 21 May 2016
Namaste,age32,male,undergoing hemo dialysis sine jan 2016 twice a week,have rt renal calcus of... Read More

Chronic renal disease undergoing hemodialysis

asked by Dr Abhishek on 23 February 2016
My father is 66 years old. he is type II diabetic since 30 years and was under insulin therapy... Read More

Kidney / Renal Failure | Kidney Stone

asked by preeti_99 on 23 September 2015
Hi Merian kidney shrink ho rhian hn. What can I do for my kidneys yo work proper. I don\'t... Read More

Renal cell carcinoma

asked by Manojyadav82 on 30 July 2015
Dear sir,My father,age 64,recently diagnosed with cancer(renal cell carcinoma) and it spread to... Read More

Kidney failure treatment

asked by dhairya on 23 July 2015
31 year old , female treatment running under peritonial dialysis last 4 months main yeh janana... Read More

Kidneys failure in Young age

asked by joumaaborashid on 4 July 2015
Hello I've got a problem in the kidneys, and urinary retention and needed each week to go... Read More

6 year old son - Swelling in adrenal glands

asked by gkk on 20 April 2015
6 year old son - In a recent x-ray done, doctor mentioned that adrenal glands are swollen along... Read More

Renal cell carcinoma

asked by adi21 on 2 March 2015
Namste Doctor mein 35 yrs male, mera operation hua radical nephrectomy, aur reginol lympathy aur... Read More

Regarding kidney failure

asked by sibhadra on 6 January 2015
Sir, My husband aged 56 is under dialysis twice a week since ten months.He is taking ayurvedic... Read More

Kidney / Renal Failure

asked by hari7priya on 15 November 2014
Dear Sir, Suddenly I noticed edema throughout my body. Having a complete blood test done... Read More

Package for Kidney / Renal Failure | Kidney Stone

asked by paruu_1981 on 28 October 2014
Dear Guruji, My 5 year old son has right kidney damaged and shrinked. But it has 7% function.... Read More

Kidney Renal Failure and Kidney Stone

asked by janat_ro on 4 October 2014
MY sister suffering from kidney problem her creatine level is now 6 &urea is 214 before 9.6... Read More
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