Using Isotine Eye Drops

asked by PritiSoma on 24 June 2017
Hi sir/madam I'm Priti Iam 20 yrs old and I wear specs my left eye power is -1 and my right... Read More

Ways to reduces my eye sight

asked by jayanthyadav on 5 May 2017
i am jayanth ,16 years old and i wanted to know the treatment that i should take to remove my... Read More
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Eyesight problem patanjali treatement

asked by harjot sekhon on 27 January 2017
Sir i am harjot my brother age is 9 years yesterday he said he see only half with his left... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Sight

Eye problm ayurvedic medicine

asked by mannabaidya on 23 July 2016
my eye sight is O.D +0.50 and O.S +0.25 axis 80 what should i do to normalised my eye... Read More

Eye sight problem ramdev medicine

asked by baadshah on 2 May 2016
Hello sir im @de age of 16 nd im male im suffering frm eye sight from 1st standard now my sight... Read More
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Very weak eyesight of my both eyes

asked by sunnyksunny on 4 June 2015
I have very weak eye sight , power of my right eye is -2 spherical and -3.75 cylindrical and... Read More

My eye sight and eye muscles are very weak

asked by vickydevgan on 31 August 2014
my eye sight and my eye muscles are very weak and my left eye number is very high close to 15... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Poor, Sight

Aryuvedic treatment for cylindrical eye problem in 4 year old kid

asked by khushi123 on 16 February 2014
Dear Sir, My daughter is 4 years old and she has -2.0 and -1.25 cylindrical power in eye, pls... Read More

TRATAK KRIYA kaise kare aur eye vision kaise improve karein.

asked by dineshsharma on 6 February 2013
Namaste Mam/Sir meri age 23 hai aur mere chasme ke no -5.50 aur -4.50 hai maine suna hai ke... Read More

Eye sight problem ramdev medicine

asked by rajesh12487 on 25 January 2013
sir my age 26 my eye sight no spl cyl axis re -1.25 -.75 180 le 1.25 -.50 ... Read More
1 reply  -  Eye, Sight

Weak eyesight- 10 yesr old

asked by amita2020 on 6 January 2013
Dear Sir, My son, aged 11, had just been diagnosed with a weak eyesight. Both me & my... Read More

About eyes ayurvedic medicine

asked by nranjan on 5 April 2011
The problem is about my sister,she is facing some eye sight,one year back she had given birth to... Read More

Increase my eye sight

asked by dipak on 12 December 2010
my eye sight is right -5.0 & left -3.50...and i wear spake when i watch TV and when do work... Read More

Eye sight ramdev medicine

asked by arf on 29 September 2010
i m 24 years old my eye sight is weak my left eye has minus 2.5 and right eye has minsu 3 ..... Read More

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