Medicine for Bed sores/ pressure ulcer

asked by rajsah on 26 March 2016
My mother 80 years old bed ridden due to hip bones fracture with traction in right leg. Now she... Read More

Sores in Mouth & Gums

asked by Vikesh on 3 January 2015
I 36 Yrs Male I having back to back Sores in mouth & on gums,I need some Ayurveda... Read More

Bed Sores Remedy

asked by abraham2002 on 9 October 2012
Dear Dr. Can you specify and prescribe a comprehensive ayurvedic regimen for the treatment of... Read More

Sarpi, cold sore

asked by gowrishankar on 9 August 2011
Namaskaram Guru garu, right from my childhood days I have a severe problem that small tiny heat... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for bed sores

asked by Lovely on 1 May 2011
Sir, may I request information on ayurvedic treatment for bed sores ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Sores

Regarding bed sores

asked by deepika m on 21 October 2010
My relative is suffering from pressure sores, can you suggest ayurvedic medicines for the same... Read More

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