Schwannom tumor in spine marrow

asked by Blessed and Lucky on 7 January 2018
I am a woman who had a surgery on my spine marrow in my neck (C4) 10 years ago at the age of 55.... Read More

Cure for SPINE TUMOUR without any surgery

asked by YJP4876 on 23 July 2017
Age 40 Male I had back pain with stiff shoulders so a local doctor advised for MRI. I m detected... Read More

Spinal disease

asked by Dewant sharma on 9 August 2016
My age-28 Gender-male I m suffering from 2013 by the disease and after spend days my problem... Read More
1 reply  -  Spine

Puss in L4 and L5 -Spine

asked by Srisuj on 22 June 2016
Hi, Iam facing back pain for the past 3 months, mri scan describes potts spine. Kindly give me... Read More
1 reply  -  Puss, Spine

Spine disc pain

asked by poojarajgotra on 20 June 2016
30,female, i have gone through spine disc surgery 9 months back doctor has removed the bulge... Read More
1 reply  -  Disc, Spine

27 yr old unmarried girl suffering from bileteral neural forminal stenosis at l4-l5 and l5-s1 level

asked by siya95 on 4 September 2015
hello sir i am a 27 yr old girl from 27 April this pain started with a shoting pain in lower... Read More

Back pain/spine

asked by somraj on 2 July 2015
sir, i have been suffering with back pain and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis as well as... Read More

Syrnix formation in spine post fmd surgery any ayurvedic or homeo medicine

asked by Vish01 on 14 June 2015
My mom age 45 had syrnix in the spine and under gone fmd surgery. Post surgery is there any... Read More

Spine pain

asked by debabrata on 29 October 2014
Age: 44 Present Complaint: There is excessive pain in my back which starts from the middle of... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment for syringomyelia

asked by AMNPRIT on 19 September 2014
I am 22 yrs old female...and hs been diagnosed with syringomyelia in april 2014. The syrinx in... Read More

Paraplegia t4 spinal cord injury

asked by tejpratap88 on 18 July 2014
baba ji aap ko koti koti parnam My brother has got spinal cord injury and his lower body... Read More

Dorsal Spine Slip Disc - D5-6 disc

asked by rajnish22 on 23 November 2013
My brother (age - 34 years) fell down from the two wheeler on 5 Aug'13 and after about a... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment for spine tumor

asked by sangdaspnq on 10 November 2013
my mother's age is 60. since few months she developed few symptoms like numbness in legs... Read More

Is there any ayurvedic treatment for foot drop caused by spinal cord injury

asked by spark on 7 October 2013
Hello doctor, i met with an accident some 10 years before and got operated in spinal cord... Read More

Vertebral osteomyelitis

asked by $unny on 1 September 2013
sir i do need some ayurvedic assistance for my dad who is suffering from Vertebral... Read More

low back ache

asked by ashu910375r on 11 August 2013

Cervical spine

asked by akira on 3 June 2013
Hello dector! Meri behan ki age 27 years uski height 5'8" hai wo cervical spine se... Read More

Required medication

asked by ashif on 11 May 2013
resp/sir my brother who is 28 years old has undergone the slip disc surgery in december 2012... Read More

Lumbar sacral spine

asked by bbkewalrams on 25 January 2013
What r the hebel medicine and yoga and pranayam to get rid of back... Read More

Spine Gathia/Arthritis

asked by rupshi jha on 12 September 2012
My mom is 47 yr old and she has the problem of spine gathia from 2 yrs.She has pain while... Read More
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