Sweating on plam feet's

asked by Roohi on 31 March 2017
I am 26 years old i have not any other health problem sir I am suffering with heavy sweating on... Read More

Excessive sweating and rashes

asked by Shibaniray on 15 March 2017
Dear Sir, I am suffering from excessive sweating which has started causing burning rashes in... Read More

Excess sweating

asked by Sandymcan on 16 June 2016
I have symptoms of hyperhidrosis i.e. excess sweating on whole body .My underarm most of times... Read More

Excessive, uncontrollable sweating of the hands palms or lege palms.

asked by SAN@Deep on 12 April 2016
Hello Dr, Vijay Sir, My age is 25 years old male. and i m suffring from hyperhidrosis from 12... Read More

Sweating inside palm and feet

asked by Avaneesh on 24 March 2016
Excessive sweating problem palm and feet and itching inside joint of legs and sweating problem... Read More

Hands sweating

asked by Nnvskc on 7 January 2016
Hi, I have hands, feet,underarms heavy sweating problem from childhood . This issue was... Read More

Excessive sweating from face and body

asked by Lazim on 5 August 2015
I am a woman of 49 years of age. I am suffering from excessive sweating from my face and body... Read More


asked by Amit479 on 16 June 2015
Hi Im male 20 yr old nd having hyperhydrosis nearly from birth.There is excessive sweating from... Read More

Hand,feet sweating

asked by shivani s on 5 February 2015
hello doctor. i am shivani and my age is 26. i have sweating problem on my hand and feet from my... Read More

Excessive sweating

asked by mitraak on 9 August 2014
Guruji, I have problem of excessive sweating all over my body and face since childhood. Though i... Read More

Adhik pasina

asked by Slalit on 4 August 2014
Sir mujhe Bahut adhik pasina aata h. Mere kapade hr samay bheege rhte h. Sardiyo m bhi mere... Read More

Ear ringing, night sweating

asked by nanou on 22 April 2013
Hi I ve been experiencing night sweats, hot at night, ringing in the ears and exhaustion for... Read More

Excessive Sweating

asked by vandan9621 on 7 January 2013
Hello Docters. I 27 years old male and i am suffering from Hyperhydrosis( Excessive sweating)... Read More

Excess sweating

asked by kareem on 12 November 2012
hello sir my age is 21 years and i have a problem of excess sweating by this i am not able even... Read More

Pathri And Hath Perou me Pasina Ata He.

asked by Mahesh Suhanda on 5 November 2012
jay swaminarayan, Muje pete me pathri ki problam he uar bhcpan ce mere hath uar peron me se bhut... Read More


asked by ANKUS.CHAUHAN on 17 October 2012
Dear Sir, mere pairo ke talbo me bahut pasina aata hai bo kebal november to april me hi aata... Read More

Very Heavy Sweating

asked by mehta_abhi on 7 October 2012
I am 31 yrs old and in real trouble for last 12 years. I sweat too heavily from my entire body... Read More

Sweating Problem

asked by akankhya on 2 July 2012
I have a baby about 8 years. Sometimes she is suffered from sweating both palm and foot, by same... Read More

Excessive sweating

asked by manojgrg on 14 May 2012
hello sir, i have a big problem of excessive sweating form my hands palms and... Read More

Sweating Problem

asked by xxxy2j on 11 May 2012
Sir, actuaaly i'm suffering from excessive sweating problem since the last 4 years. i... Read More
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