How to control varicocele mild pain ?

asked by 352 on 8 September 2013
Dr. I was 20 i had varicocele grade-2 on left testis since 2 years but there is no pain upto... Read More

Andkosh me dard

asked by sahil 01430 on 21 July 2013
meri age m24 hai aur mai sadi suda hu meri abh hal hi me sadi hui hai, mere andkosh me din me... Read More


asked by abhinav on 5 July 2013

Aando me pain

asked by abhinav on 5 July 2013
dear sir,.. mera right aand left aand k mukabale thoda upar ko utha rhta hai,. halka halka pain... Read More

Acne on testis like pimples filled with hard lipid like

asked by nivedi on 19 January 2013
i have small pimples like acne on testis before few years few time discharge like pus but filled... Read More

Facing testis problem

asked by archie on 27 October 2012
namste babaji babaji mere testis mein thodi problem voh yeh ki unmein paani bhar gya hai jisse... Read More

Testicle infection

asked by praveen313 on 23 April 2012
Sir, i have slight pain or may be discomfort in my right testicle.All possible causes match... Read More

Azoospermia Problem : Treatment request( Please Reply)

asked by rbrs on 1 June 2011
Dear Doctor, Age 31 yrs/Weight-65 kgs/Height-164cms. I am suffering from azoospermia... nill... Read More

I have one small testes

asked by Vanity on 13 May 2011
Dear Sir, I need information on i have one small testes ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Testes

Baba ramdev testis pain cure

asked by Alden on 6 May 2011
Hi, advice is required on baba ramdev testis pain cure ?, God bless... Read More

Yoga to improve the testis size

asked by Liama on 6 March 2011
I require information on yoga to improve the testis... Read More

Best ayurvedic remedy for thin semen and loose testes

asked by Tory on 5 March 2011
Please give advice on best ayurvedic remedy for thin semen and loose testes ?, thanks! very... Read More

Bilateral testis pain

asked by Rahul1234 on 4 November 2010
Hi sir, I am 27 years old and still virgin suffering from chronic testis pain (pain mainly in... Read More

Left testis pain

asked by tyagi83 on 16 August 2010
Dear Sir, I am 28 year old male. I have left testis pain. It is not regular but it suddenly... Read More

Yoga asanas for testis pain relief

asked by ansari on 4 August 2010
namaskar swamy ji i have got the pain in testis from long back and i get scaning there was... Read More

Itches on testes

asked by Atulkumar on 12 January 2010
Iam 20yrs old i have red spots on my testes and penis which itch a lot applied creams but no... Read More

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